Sunny W. 
Jan 1 - June 1 Results

Since going through LeanStrong and continuing on with what I learned, one result that has impacted the most is how I feel! I am no longer bloated, hungry all the time, crave sugar and have energy. 

I have not stopped eating plant based and never plan too. My goal now is to pass along healthier eating to the family.

If you are on the fence about starting this program, all I can say is TRY IT! It is the best decision I have made for myself. You will be amazed how much better you feel overall. It’s amazing.

As a working mom with a family and kids, I know how the day gets away from us. I have learned that self-care is just as important as taking care of everyone else.  I just want to thank Niki for ALWAYS being there. I never would have thought I would be where I am now. No looking back!

Lindsey S. 
April 1 - June 12 Results

I was looking for something out of the ordinary. I wanted to help me stop obsessing and wasting time worrying about my fluctuating refection in the mirror. Something that was different from programs that just tell you to up your workouts like crazy and eat egg whites, grilled chicken, salad and asparagus everyday. I have purchased 3 of those generic pre-built types of programs in the past, with some results, BUT very temporary results.

24 days after starting:

I just wanted to say, YOU and your program have been an answered prayer for me. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.

Detox is for real, but I actually loved that part, knowing it was working!

I am down 8.4lbs (132.4 to 124) 25 days in and feel more empowered that I have in a very long time.

Thank you for such a wonderfully laid out program in so many ways. You are a blessing to me and will be to so many more and more! I can’t wait to recommend this to all of my friends and family!


Waynette K.
April 1 - June 15 Results

Before making the decision to join LeanStrong, I hesitated only because I had tried a few other "diets" with no luck. Being a nurse, I know it is not a healthy diet if it calls for me to do totally without one of the macro-nutrients.  
After talking with Niki and reading through some of her material, I felt really good about this method. This girl knows what she is talking about!  
This way of changing your diet is very healthy. In fact, it has by far improved my health in many ways. The most exciting change for myself was the decrease in pain and inflammation in my body.  I was a long distance runner for years until a little over a year ago when I developed plantar fasciitis. The pain was so intense I had to eventually quit running all together.  I spent hundreds of dollars to see a podiatrist, custom made orthotics, athletic tape, special socks, cryo therapy, and not to mention all the time spent of soaking, massage, and icing......every freakin' day!!!  Within 2-3 weeks of The LeanStrong Method, I noticed an improvement.  And then, after around 7-8 weeks of changing what I was putting in my body, I was running again! Look at my skin!! It’s glowing! I have no foundation on at all. I put powder, a little blush, and eye makeup. I have never liked how my skin looks until now. This is from my diet of REAL food!!

Ashley L. 
May 1 - June 15 Results

A busy mom of 4! 

I lost 1/2 inch in arms, 1 inch in thighs, 3 inches in waist and 20 pounds! I was horrible with the workouts (I’m not proud of this and plan to get better) but the intermittent fasting and meal plan you created clearly work wonders! Thank you!

Rachel S.
Jan 1 - June 15 Results

Thank you, Niki! I feel amazing! I know numbers aren’t the most important thing but down 48 lbs and from a size 10/12 to a 4!!!

Melissa M.
April 1 - June 1 Results

Busy mom of 6 and avid runner. Was previously working with a nutrition coach for 3 years and was not getting any of the fat loss results she was looking for. She even tried 'diets' that recommend that she stop running to lose weight - she loves running and wasn't willing to do that. (smart woman!)

6 weeks into LeanStrong and she is down 10 lbs and feeling more confident and free from body frustrations so that she can focus on her family and her hobbies with more passion! 


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