Does Size Matter?

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2019

Let's just get right to it - NO!  The answer is no, a million times no – and here’s why.

We have become a culture more focused on size and not necessarily on health or body composition. 

I'm not at all saying it's not healthy to want to fit into clothes that you once did, but it's really the thought that it's coming from that I want you to watch out for. If you're coming from a place of

"I felt really strong and confident when I wore these jeans. I want to feel that way again so, I'd like to get back to that." That amazing and is SO different than, I just want to be a size ----- just because it's smaller than what I am now. 

The former is coming from a position of decision and power. The latter is coming from a place of misplaced emotions, usually anxiety or low self-confidence. And honestly, it's not all your fault - we are pretty well bombarded with messages and images of false perfection.  

Here's the thing, none of what I'm talking about is 'wrong' per se. People are going to do what people are going to do.

A woman made a negative comment about my size on a video and I was like seriously, lady...πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ but, that says more about her than it does about me, so remember that if anyone ever says anything negative about you!

Where you can step into your power take back control, however, is in your mind. How you think about sizes (and everything else, for that matter!). 

So, let’s talk about the numbers on that tiny piece of material attached to your lulu's and why they don’t matter.

  1. It’s a game!  Designers know that people, especially women, will buy a garment that has a size 4 label, over one that has a size 8 label, every time.  So while your TRUE size might be 8, you’re going to buy the brand that tells you that you’re a size 4.  In the end, the designer who tells you what you want to hear (read), wins.

  2. Individuals of the same height and weight can wear very different sizes.  You can have a “pear-shaped” woman who weighs 150 lbs, she may wear a size 12 in jeans, while a 150 lb, a top-heavy woman (sadly, not me - AA's over here) who is slimmer through the hips may wear a size 6.

  3. Brands and styles have very different cuts.  Have you ever noticed that a particular store who caters to a younger crowd, carries pants that are longer and slimmer?  These stores are targeting a particular body shape. Someone with a more “mature” body shape, who usually wears a size 4 will not be able to pull this store’s size 4 pants up over her thighs. The clothing in this store is not made with a her body shape in mind. (This is why you'll never see me in a Hollister.πŸ˜‚)

  4. Many of us are not one uniform size.  Some may have a small waist and carry weight through the hips and thighs, others may have a wide waist and very thin legs.  While there are some people who slide right into those pants, the rest of us need a good tailor.

In the end, who, besides you, really knows what that tag says – or cares for that matter?  I don’t think anyone really knows what a true size 0,2,4,6,8……is anymore.

So, don't let a size dictate how you feel about yourself or your success in achieving your health goals.

Have a vision for long-term health and learning to love your body. It houses your spirit! Let's focus on nourishing our minds and bodies and loving ourselves and those around us. 


P.S. a good tailor will do wonders for your confidence and how you feel in your clothes! 

Have you ever struggled with being a certain size? 




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