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A revolutionary new approach to optimizing
your health and fat loss using a plant-based diet. 


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You’re smart. You’re strong. You’re willing to work hard and you’re ready to get the results you deserve. 

Let me end the confusion and frustration and teach you about how your body works and how food works so that you can live the life you were created to live.

Confident, empowered and completely comfortable in your own skin. 

LeanStrong30™ is the #1 plant-based fat-loss program on the market.

  • You'll learn the REAL way to fuel your body and effortless burn fat all day long
  • Complete, proven effective meal plans
  • Customized coaching to personalize your nutrition to fit you and your goals
  • A full prep week with training to set you up for lifelong success
  • Access to the private LeanStrong Facebook community to encourage, support and inspire throughout your transformation journey.



Receive tips for how to live a LeanStrong lifestyle. 

"I wanted a “Life Style” that was attainable, not a “Diet” that would end in 4 weeks.  And that’s what I found in LeanStrong a perfect Lifestyle that fit into my life!"

- Carmen M.

"My problem before the Lean Strong method was the lack of knowledge of really what to eat!  You read contradictory information everywhere (low carb/don’t restrict carbs too much, lots of meat and veggies/no meat, count calories/don’t worry about calories, ect.)  

- Rachel S.


You can read an article and the next article completely goes against everything.  I would try something “new” for a week or two, little to no results and change it up to something else.  So much guess work!!  Now!!!  ZERO guesswork!  Your training videos explained the how and the why.  I feel more knowledgeable on what to eat, when to eat, and why for both!"

- Steph C. 

“I struggled for years to find something that worked for me and that I could do for the rest of my life. After completing the 8-week LeanStrong program my clothes fit better, my skin looked better and I felt incredible! Highly, highly recommend going through this!”

- Amanda L.


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